• East emperor photoelectric fourth independent research and development night watch police night

    Wireless transmission means that the intrusion detector is connected with the wireless transmitter. Once the alarm occurs, it will send out radio signals to the air. The wireless receiver receives the signal to generate an alarm, and notifications are processed. Its advantage is that it has strong destructive resistance, fast transmission speed, and does not affect the beauty of the original decoration of households. In particular, the use of public wireless networks (such as telephone networks, broadband networks) for information transmission has its very advantageous conditions. With the help of telecommunication networks, low input can be achieved.

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  • The development of monitoring equipment on network monitoring

    According to our understanding, the CCTV monitoring system is an important part of the security technology prevention system, Cisco 400-051. It is an advanced and highly effective comprehensive system. It can be directly connected by remote control camera and its auxiliary equipment (lens, cloud platform and so on) to watch all the situation of the monitored place. At the same time, it can also work with other security technology prevention systems such as burglar alarm system, so as to enhance its preventive capability.

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  • The first self research and development police night vision device was born

    In the era of standard video surveillance, users focus more on storage space, and DVR is the standard configuration of standard clearing system. But after high-definition, high definition video can capture more details and cover a wider space, and can better support video intelligence analysis technology for later data mining. The value of video data will be greatly improved, and higher requirements for storage are also raised. After entering HD, what are the main demands of the HD video surveillance system for storage devices?

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  • The second independent research and development night watch police night

    In twenty-first Century, China's security, security, technology and preventive products industry has further developed. The development of intelligent building, intelligent community construction, and the emergence of high-tech electronic products and full digital network products have greatly promoted the rapid development of security monitoring products market. Since 2010, the main driving factor for the rapid development of China's security industry is the vigorous demand from the safe city, road traffic, finance, education and the army.    

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