The first self research and development police night vision device was born

2018-07-10 14:28:44

On 5.2012 years April, East emperor optoelectronic developed the first police key button night vision instrument D-M2011 (two generation), D-M3011 (three generation), this product has military appearance design and performance and civil price, bring you a wonderful night vision experience, its features are as follows:

1. synchronizing control can be achieved when the binocular binocular is combined.

2. in the Auto mode, the device automatically turns off the machine when the surrounding light is over 40lux, and the device automatically opens the auxiliary light source when the surrounding light is equal to or below the 0.05Lux.

The 3. auxiliary light source can be adjusted continuously according to the demand.

4. the dustproof and waterproof level is IP67: it can work normally under 1m deep water for 1 hours.

5. standby zero consumption: when the battery is not used for a long time, the battery will not be consumed in the battery.

For more detailed product introduction, please refer to the product display page.

We will have more new products on the market this year. Let's wait and see! Your satisfaction and support are our greatest motivation.