• What factors should be paid attention to in selecting and buying night vision instruments

    Step 1: take out the support and prepare the tools and parts: plug, screw, tapping, hammer, electric drill and other necessary tools; check the size of the plug and the self tapping screw in advance, and try to try the fit screw and the socket of the camera base, and whether the buried pipeline interface is handled well. Test whether the cable is clear and ready to enter the installation process. Second step: take out the camera

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  • Wireless transmission law enforcement forensics infrared night vision instrument

    The use of the camera is very simple. Usually, if you install the lens correctly, connect the signal cable, and switch on the power, you can work. But in practical use, if the lens can not be correctly installed and the state of the camera and lens can be adjusted, it may not achieve the desired effect. The following is a brief introduction to the proper use of cameras. 1. installation lens: the camera must be equipped with lens before it can be used

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  • Application range of night vision instrument

    Generally speaking, the use of night vision equipment includes: military, law enforcement, hunting, field observation, surveillance, safety, navigation, hidden target observation, entertainment and so on. Night vision equipment was first used to locate enemy targets at night. At present, the night vision system is still widely used in the military system. Besides the above purposes, it also includes navigation, surveillance, aiming and other purposes. Police and security departments often use the two technologies of thermal imaging and image enhancement, especially for monitoring them. Hunters and lovers of nature depend on NVD to ride through the forest at night. Night vision application (2) Detectives

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  • Night vision products

    NVD has a history of more than 40 years. These products can be divided into several generations. Every major breakthrough in the development of NVD technology will spawn a new generation of products. The earliest generation, the earliest night vision system, developed by the US military, was applied to the Second World War and the Korean War, and these NVD systems used active infrared technology. This means that a transmitter unit called the infrared radiation source must be attached to the NVD. The unit can emit a bunch of near infrared rays, similar to those emitted by ordinary flash lamps. This beam can not be seen by the naked eye. They will reflect from the object and return to the lens of NVD.

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