The technique of using night vision instrument

2018-07-10 14:28:44

1. night vision is a precision optoelectronic instrument used to observe objects at night and under low light. To meet the requirement of extremely low illumination, the night vision instrument is equipped with an infrared transmitter.

2. night vision device is prohibited from opening during the day without protection cover. When checking the performance of the night vision instrument in the light room, it must be carried out in the night vision instrument with the mirror cover, and not more than 3 minutes. And the night vision instrument should not be facing the strong light source, and the strong light entering the night vision instrument may damage it or reduce the service life of the night vision instrument. Using a night vision with a mirror cover

A strong flash should also be avoided when an object is observed.  When the strong light enters the night vision instrument, its visibility will decrease or even disappear. At this point, the night vision device should be removed from the strong light source immediately. After 1-2 minutes, the function of the night vision device will be restored. Particularly strong light sources can cause night vision devices to be damaged (such as ten seconds per day).

3. the night vision instrument allows for strong flashing and flashing within 1 minutes. The spot spot observed in the field of view is not the defect of the night vision instrument, but the flashing of the external light source. The night vision instrument will not appear when working in the standard way. There is a small amount of black spots and bright spots in the sight field of the night vision instrument, not its quality defect, but the quality standard of the night vision instrument. Night vision devices are not allowed to open during the day without a protective cover.

4. night vision equipment must be kept in a warm room for 5 hours before it is reused in cold rooms or transported in winter.

5. night vision instrument is suitable for ambient temperature -30 degrees to 30 degrees, temperature 25 degrees, relative humidity 93%, local illumination 5.10?

6. night vision work time.

(1) do not turn on the infrared illuminator: - ---20 hours when the temperature is above 0 degrees? - ---3.5 hours when the temperature is 30 degrees below zero

(2) turn on the infrared illuminator: - ---16 hours when the temperature is above 0 degrees? - ---2 hours when the temperature is 30 degrees below zero

(3) before the night vision instrument works below 10 degrees, the battery must be placed in a warm place (such as chest pocket).

7. night vision equipment should be kept in a clean place to avoid heavy pressure, mechanical damage, moisture and solar radiation.

The use of night vision instrument:

1. take out the night vision instrument from the coat.

2. open the battery cover and install the battery into the battery trench with coins.

3. when the battery is installed, the night vision instrument is ready to complete.

4. switch the switch to the ON position. If the illuminance is low, turn to the IR position. Normally open night vision devices should see highlights on fluorescent screens and infrared illuminator.

5. remove the cover of the object lens.

6. turn the night vision device to the observed target, turn the eyepiece and find the clear image.

7. adjust the eye datum along the night vision tube.

8. turn the switch to OFF after the night vision device is finished and cover the lens cover. After closing the night vision device, it can also work for 10-15 minutes (in order to discharge the battery completely).  This feature can be used to prolong the working time of the battery.

9. it is recommended that the battery be removed after the night vision device is finished, so as to prevent the battery electrolyte from polluting the battery box.

The battery should be replaced when the switch does not observe the luminescence or the light is very dark. If the battery has contaminated the battery box surface, try soft cotton or cotton ball test. If the battery box is dampened, it should be dried. For example, when cleaning the optical surfaces of the objective lens, the eyepiece and the infrared irradiator, we should first blow off the small gravel and the dust, and then use the soft cloth to test the surface.

Failure cause and elimination method

Failure phenomenon? Cause? Elimination method

Infrared radiation and fluorescent screen are not bright? Incorrect battery installation. Reinstall batteries.

Infrared radiation and fluorescent screen are darkening? Battery discharge, battery box contact surface pollution? Replace battery, clean contact surface.