The difference between the infrared night vision instrument and the telescope

2018-07-10 14:28:44

Telescopes and infrared night vision instruments are two kinds of observational instruments known in daily life, but a few friends who know little about the telescope can't make clear the difference between them. In fact, the telescope and night vision instrument are two completely different products. Today, we can see what they are at different points.

First of all, from the conditions of use and environment, the familiar telescope is an optical instrument that amplifies the visual angle of the object directly by the lens, and does not use the power supply and can not be used in the whole black environment. The infrared night vision instrument is an instrument that uses the principle of image enhancement or infrared imaging, which is not as clear as a telescope, but it is suitable for watching in the environment of full black or star light.  And many businesses that are seen in the day sign the "night vision telescope" or "infrared telescope" without a power supply, which is just an irresponsible propaganda.

What is a telescope:

1. high definition and high quality telescope - night vision telescope with night vision function

In fact, the binoculars have no night vision, and some high quality telescopes, such as the PhD elite series, the PhD trophy series, and the top mirrors of Cai Si and SWAROVSKI, remain clear and transparent even in the dark at night, and are well controlled by glare and ghosts. This is the quality of the telescope itself, but in fact it is not a night vision function.

Of course, this high - quality telescope, in the dark at night, can indeed see more distant targets and clearer images than the naked eye. In this sense, it is indeed a certain function.

High definition high quality telescopes, this night vision telescope, the night vision function is limited, if in a relatively dark situation, such as the 1/4 circle, without street light, is basically useless. This night vision telescope is more useful in the evening.

The advantage is: because it is a telescope, it can be used very clearly during the daytime, and the distance is very limited.

The drawback is that night vision is limited and can not be used in very dark places.

What is an infrared night vision instrument

Because the infrared night vision instrument is a common name for a night vision instrument, it is not the name of a product, no product named infrared night vision instrument, and the infrared night vision instrument is also called the night vision telescope.

Because night vision equipment is basically equipped with infrared auxiliary light source, so it is also called infrared night vision. In fact, the concept of the infrared night vision instrument appears, because a generation of night vision instrument in a slightly darker condition must use infrared as an auxiliary light source, to see the target. In the past 10 years, the mainstream products on the market are all night vision devices, so the night vision instrument is also called infrared night vision.

In recent years, this concept has been broken by the two generation night vision instrument, because the two generation night vision instrument does not need to use infrared auxiliary light source when it is not completely black. And the transmitter of infrared auxiliary light source will be observed at night, and there will be red dot exposure.  Therefore, when using the night vision system, the military does not allow any external lights to be used as auxiliary light sources.

Because in actual use, the whole black situation is basically not, except in the cave and underground. In the field, it is basically called light light.

Now that the concept has come out, we should call the night vision instrument infrared night vision.

The infrared night vision instrument has four categories: single eye single tube, binocular binocular, binocular single cylinder, digital night vision instrument. Basically, the digital night vision system can be butted through the adapter and camera DV. With the butt of the head rope, the body of the infrared night vision instrument needs a dovetail slot or a docking slot or a connecting port.