Working principle of night vision instrument

2018-07-10 14:28:44


Night vision is a hidden device that can be observed at night without lighting.

The 1 generation of night vision equipment must be turned on the infrared light due to the technical limitations. The stealth performance will be worse, not only can not see the target in the outdoor, and it is easy to be found, so the 1 generation night vision instrument can be said to be not a good concealment device. Moreover, with the rapid development of science and technology, the effect of the 1 generation night vision instrument is very unsatisfactory. According to statistics, 70% of users have strong demand and interest for the two generation, 2 generation + or even higher level night vision.

First, the working principle of night vision instrument

Speciality: the principle of the infrared night vision instrument is to collect and enhance the existing light by focusing the light on the image intensifier through the eyepiece. In the intensifier, a photocathode will be "activated" by the light, and the photon energy is converted into electrons, which are accelerated after an electrostatic region located inside the intensifier. The impact is visible on the phosphorus surface screen (like a green TV screen), forming the visible image of the human eye. The acceleration of electrons enhances brightness and image sharpness.

In simple terms, the night vision device converts the unseen light (light or infrared light) signals from the target to the electrical signal, then amplifies the signal and converts the signal to the light signal that is visible to the eye of the adult.



The above schematic diagram is a key equipment of night vision instrument - image intensifier tube, which is also the most critical part of the night vision device cost. The figures in the picture represent (1, front 2, photocathode 3, microchannel 4, high voltage power 5, phosphor screen 6, eyepiece).

As a kind of infrared night vision instrument, which can be used for military use, and is widely used in public security, armed police, outdoor, exploration, mining, border defense, editors, public security guards, night inspection and reconnaissance and forensics, it makes use of its own advantages to improve the value of all aspects and improve the life of the vast number of users. The safety and efficiency of work.