Classification of night vision apparatus

2018-07-10 14:28:44

The night vision instrument, in addition to the observation and use in the night, is also different in style and type, which can be divided into head wearing night vision instrument, handheld night vision instrument and night sight sight. The subdivision includes monocular single cylinder, binocular single cylinder, binocular double tube night vision instrument and so on. Now let me share with you the difference between them.

First, the classification of night vision instruments

1. Head wearing night vision instrument

Head wearing night vision instrument is usually a combination of helmet, spinning frame and night vision instrument. The whole appearance is small and portable. When it is used in the head image, it adjusts the size of the head and the direction of the lens. It can be observed for the range that you want to observe and save the support of both hands. For one person, both hands need to be worked. People with other things are very suitable.

2. Handheld night vision instrument

Handheld night vision is the most popular in the market, and the application of a very wide range of applications, some models can also be used as a head night vision instrument, can be said to be a dual use. If the handheld is simple, you can choose a slightly larger size and multiplying model, so that the overall observation effect and the visual field may be wider; if you choose the style that can be hand-held and you can wear it, it is suggested that it is small and light.

3. Night sight sight

The night sight sight is the product that focuses on the shooting type. It can be installed on the shooting equipment according to the personal needs. It can choose small, portable, and also can choose the caliber and the magnification slightly. This series of products requires very high clarity. Generally, the center of the screen will be aimed at a cross star for more precise targeting.