Application range of night vision instrument

2018-07-10 14:28:44

Generally speaking, the use of night vision equipment includes: military, law enforcement, hunting, field observation, surveillance, safety, navigation, hidden target observation, entertainment and so on.

Night vision equipment was first used to locate enemy targets at night. At present, the night vision system is still widely used in the military system. Besides the above purposes, it also includes navigation, surveillance, aiming and other purposes. Police and security departments often use the two technologies of thermal imaging and image enhancement, especially for monitoring them. Hunters and lovers of nature depend on NVD to ride through the forest at night.

Application of night vision instrument

Application of night vision instrument (2)

Detectives and private detectives will use night vision devices to see if people are doing anything wrong. Many commercial organizations will also use the fixed position night vision camera to monitor the surrounding environment.

What's really amazing about thermal imaging is that it can reveal a region that has no trace of human activity - even if there is no visible markup that is visible to the naked eye, it can tell us that a piece of land has been dug and landfills. The law enforcement authorities can also find some evidence that some criminals try to hide, including money, drugs and bodies. In addition, thermal imaging technology can detect recent changes in some areas, such as walls, which can provide important clues for some cases.

Many people have begun to explore the magical world at night. If you are preparing for a camping or hunting activity, night vision equipment may be helpful to your journey - but be sure to choose the type that suits you.