Wireless transmission law enforcement forensics infrared night vision instrument

2018-07-10 14:28:44

The law enforcement forensics instrument is a portable recording equipment of recording, photographing and recording functions of the law enforcement recorder. It can be worn with them. It is often used in criminal, public security, drug, defense, anti-terrorism and other crime scene real time video or photographing, and records the dynamic activities of the suspects in real time as a powerful evidence for the prosecution of the case.

Infrared night vision instrument is a kind of military instrument with concealment which is based on the imaging technology of photoelectric conversion technology and used for night observation. The visible light is very weak at night, but the infrared ray that the human eye can not see is very rich. Infrared night vision can help people observe, search, aim and drive vehicles at night. The imaging of the infrared night vision instrument is generally green. The main purpose of determining the value of the infrared night vision instrument is its image enhancement tube. Generally, the night vision instrument with the image added tube for more than two generations is used for more purposes of law enforcement.

The infrared night vision instrument, which has the function of taking pictures or videos, can be stored and stored. The night vision instrument with these functions is more commonly seen on the market. The digital night vision system uses CCD imaging, and it can still be effective in imaging. However, the night vision system with image tube has better imaging effect.