Product Description:

D-B2031 and D-B3031 multifunction light light night vision instrument is a new product developed in Russia. The instrument adopts high performance two or three generation image intensifier, which has the characteristics of good performance, small size, light weight, clear imaging and simple operation, and can change magnification by changing the objective lens. The product can be connected with a digital camera, a camera and a video recorder, and can be used for hanging guns or for individual use. The night vision instrument is equipped with an infrared auxiliary light source and an automatic anti glare protection system. The product is very practical and can be applied to military observation, sea defense surveillance, public security surveillance, forensics, customs arrest and so on. It is an ideal equipment for the public security department, the armed police force, the special police force, and the guardian patrols. It uses 2 high-performance image intensifiers, even in the darkest environment, to provide users with very clear images.

Product features:

Versatile: it can be used hand-held, and can also be used for headwear and helmet installation.

Multilayer coating standard: ultra wideband multi-layer antireflection film can inhibit the wide band reflection on the glass surface of the lens, reduce the light loss, so that more light through the lens to obtain good observation effect.

The night vision system uses 2 generation + or 3 generation of grades, such as enhancers, which are suitable for different budgets and tasks.

The replacement of the objective lens can change magnification, and 4 times multiplier can be used.

It can be equipped with a single infrared enhancer to enhance the night time effect and extend the scope of application.

The battery cover spring is embedded: it can better contact with the battery, and the spring is not easy to damage, and is also more convenient to twist the battery cover.

The product can be connected with digital cameras, cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, etc. for night shooting.

It has IP67 waterproof and dust-proof level, and can be used in extremely harsh environment (fog, showers, dusty environment, sandstorms, etc.).

Waterproofing level can be customized for IP65/IP67

Remarks: IP65 is the general waterproof level, IP67 can reach one meter deep water next hour.

The built-in infrared indicator and low power indicator (displayed in the eyepiece) enhance the user's concealment.

Not only strong and durable, but also fine workmanship

Standby zero consumption: when the battery is not used for a long time, there will be no electricity consumption in batteries.

Accessories: 1. (two kinds of helmets and soft helmets) IR intensifier (2) infrared intensifier (3) video cassette 4, 4 times lens, 6 times lens, 4 multiplier mirrors

Note: the appearance volume and weight of the 2 generation + level night vision instrument and the 3 generation night vision instrument are basically the same, and the three main parameters are the resolution, the signal to noise ratio and the optical sensitivity. Please consult the online customer service for the final parameters.

We are the OEM factory of night vision instrument, and the parameters are customized according to requirements.


Product Name:

Gen2+ Military Night Vision IR Binocular with 1X Lens (D-B2021) , Helmet Mounted Infrared Night Vision Telescope






Soft Protective Bag or Hard Shipping Case


Product Attribute:








Image Intensifier Night Vision

Operation Principle

Infrared Night Vision

Shell Material





Product Table:





Resulution (lp/mm)


photocathode type


S/N db


Luminous sensitivity


MTTF hours




FOV deg


Detection distance


Diopter (deg)


Lens system

F1.2, 25.8mm

Range of focus(m)



To be confirmed


To be confirmed

Power supply(v)


Battery type(v)

13v CR123Alithium battery

Battery life(hrs)

80(w/o IR)

40(w IR)

Operating temperature(°C)


Storage temperature(°C)


Environmental rating