Product introduction:

East emperor optoelectronic X7 (X7+), as a long distance observation night vision instrument on the market, uses 7X high magnification, 2 generation + or quasi 3 generation image intensifier, with 1300mm large aperture high light transmittance lens, and the night observation distance can reach about 3 km. It is suitable for the night security of the storage base, oil field, sea and other departments. Health work and night observation, camping, tourism and other outdoor activities. This night vision instrument is flexible in use, can be connected to the handle to hold the view, or can be connected to the triangle bracket for reconnaissance. The operation of one button switch is simpler and easier to use. As a classic high frequency night vision instrument of Dong Di optoelectronics, X7 (X7+) will bring you the perfect night vision experience.

Product features:

2 generation + or quasi 3 generation image enhancement

Prevent strong light protection function, safe and reliable

Built-in reticle board can range finder

Multilayer coating standard: ultra wideband multi-layer antireflection film can inhibit the wide band reflection on the glass surface of the lens, reduce the light loss, so that more light through the lens to obtain good observation effect.

The external infrared light source can enhance the viewing effect

The battery cover spring is embedded: it can be well contacted with the battery, the spring is not easy to damage, and it is also easy to twist the battery cover.

The camera can be attached to the camera or connected with the mobile phone to store the video.

The design of the leakproof eye mask increases the concealment

Alloy airframe is more airtight, not only durable but also waterproof and dustproof.

The dual focus mode is easy to operate, which ensures long distance viewing and ensures image sharpness.

Standby zero consumption: when the battery is not used for a long time, there will be no electricity consumption in batteries.

Water-proof grade can be customized IP65/IP67

Remarks: IP65 is the general waterproof level, IP67 can reach one meter deep water next hour.

We are the OEM factory of night vision instrument, and the parameters are customized according to requirements. Note: the appearance volume and weight of the 2 generation + level night vision instrument and the 3 generation night vision instrument are basically the same, and the three main parameters are the resolution, the signal to noise ratio and the optical sensitivity. The above table shows the 3 generation of parameters, and the final parameters please consult online customer service.

Parameter modelX7 (X7+)


Objective lense130mm

Lens systemF1.20216mm

Transistor levelORPHA quasi 3 generation



Resolution (line pair)60-78lp/mm

Signal to noise ratio (decibels)21-28

Optical sensitivity (micro / lumen)630-880


Adjustment range of objective lens (meter)18-- infinity

Distance of pupil17mm

Auxiliary light wavelength (nanoscale)808nm & 850nm

Visual range of eyepiece (Qu Guangdu)+5 degree /-5 degrees

supply voltage2.0-4.2V

Battery typeCR123A lithium battery

working temperature-40/+60 C

Storage temperature-30/+50 C

relative humidity98%

field6 degrees

Warranty period2 years

Waterproofing levelIP65/IP67