1. Product Description:

D-W1093 is a high performance compact night vision sight. The red precise cross sighting system is adopted, and the accuracy is unparalleled. In addition, there are other features, such as the new ultra fast front lens system, simple button operation and brightness adjustment of cross sight line. It can be widely used in police shooting training, field hunting, shooting and rehearsal for public security personnel. D-W1093 is the best choice for night vision sight with light and handy price.

Two. The whole product includes:

Night vision gun sight, guideway, portable package, instruction book, mirror cloth, warranty card, desiccant.

Three. Characteristics:

High resolution super-generation image intensifier

Multilayer coated all glass optical system

Brightness adjustable cross sight line

Waterproof, antifogging

Easy dismantling powerful infrared auxiliary light source

The normal use of the warranty for the next 2 years


A. Model Explanation


The 1st letter D: the abbreviation of our brand Daking

The 2nd letter : “W: weapon sight (device type)

The 1st number 1: generation 1 (IIT grade)

The 2nd and 3rd number 09: the 9th item we have released

The 4th number 3: magnification for objective lens


B. Product description


D-W1093 is the best night vision weapon sight at its class that comes with affordable price and high performance. With high resolution metal image intensifier tubes, its resolution is as good as that of Gen2, up to 50lp/mm. The accuracy is unparalleled thanks to the “Red on Green”reticle system. It can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to help find back zero reticle position for different distances or move the reticle exactly to the required areas. It’s widely used for police shooting training, hunting in the wild and shooting rehearsal of security personnel.


C. Kit includes


Night Vision Weapon Sight, Mounting rail, Protective carrying bag, Instruction manual, Lens cleaning cloth, Warranty card, Desiccant


D. Features


High resolution Gen1+ image intensifier tube
Multi-coated all-glass optics

Reticle brightness adjustment

● Powerful detachable long range IR illuminator

 Water and fog resistant

Adjustable fixation rail mounting system

Two-Year warranty for normal use


E. Specifications




Image tube grade

Super Gen1

Magnification ,x


Diameter of the objective lens, mm


Detective range, m


Recognition range, m


Field of view, deg


Lens system

F1: 1.2, F65mm


Red On Green

Windage & elevation adjustments


IR illuminator

Detachable IR1000

Diopter adjustment, deg


Power supply, v

One CR123 battery

Battery life, hrs


Range of focus, m

From 5.0m to infinity

Operating temperature, ℃

-40 /+40

Relative humility


Environmental rating


Dimensions, mm

248x108x85 (with mounting rail)

Weight, g

916 (with mounting rail)